Another hideous week of football picks from yours truly has resulted in Sarah drawing ever closer to The Shark Morning Show lead. This has to stop!

I have spent the last couple weekends out at local festivals (PorchFest in Rochester and Dover's Apple Harvest Day) and I've received several comments from listeners who 'Love it that Sarah kicks your butt in football'.

I can assure you that I'm really trying and not just giving the people what they want.

After selecting from a full Pro Football schedule, I only managed to go 6-10 while Sarah had a statistically sound 8-8 record. This draws her within 5 of the lead.

Keep in mind, she FORGOT to pick the second week of the season. This means she spotted me 16 free picks. So embarrassing.

To add to the drama, Big Al (alafrenier on the leaderboard) is now tied with me. Whoever ends the season with a better record will have to shovel the other person's walkway.

To say I need to bounce back is a major understatement.

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