This is the story of Gaia, a beautiful dog who wound up at a shelter in New York after being found as a stray.

Gaia is sweet and sassy and strong, so when a shelter volunteer suggested a DNA test, there was no pushback because everyone knew she was special.  They just didn't know how special, as the DNA test revealed Gaia was 87% wolf.

Wolf Hollow via Facebook
Wolf Hollow via Facebook

The shelter contacted Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, Massachusetts, to see if they could take Gaia, as their specialty is wolf habitat and education.  The owners of Wolf Hollow agreed. Since they had a lonely wolf named Skully, they thought Gaia would be a good companion, and they were correct.

According to here's what happened with Gaia:

As wolf-dog hybrids are illegal to own in New York, very rarely doing well in a home environment, the shelter set about finding a sanctuary with wolf-dog experience for Gaia's new forever home.

Wolf Hollow via Facebook
Wolf Hollow via Facebook

How do hybrid wolf dogs happen?  Well, it's more a matter of breeders breeding the two animals, rather than a dog and wolf mating.  Breeders breed these hybrids, according to the Wolf Hollow Facebook page, and are likely to be breeding two wolf-dog hybrids, not a pure wolf and a pure dog.  Breeding can get complicated.

Wolf Hollow talks about how Gaia is doing.

Gaia is now one of the most social animals on property and adores her human caretakers. She also is an essential ambassador for wolf-dogs everywhere, helping to educate the public about hybrids.

Wolf Hollow is a 501(c)3 non-profit with the mission to provide awareness on the importance of wolves in the wild through education and exposure.  If interested in visiting this popular and exceptional wolf sanctuary, check out their website or Facebook page.

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