What a great kid we had in the Shark Tank this morning!

Preston Horton from Somersworth, who I wrote about the other day, came in to the Shark Tank to talk about his request to the Somersworth City Council to get permission for an art space in Somersworth.

As you can hear in the interview, Preston didn't have any prior artistic intentions, however, a recent visit to Cambridge's Graffiti Alley inspired him.

If you would like to help Preston, he is asking for donations for the plywood, concrete and other supplies that may come up via a GoFundMe page.


I also asked Preston if there was an age limit on who gets to paint on the space, should it be approved.  He said there would be no age limit, so, I'd LOVE to take some paint and brushes down to the wall and have a go at it.  When I'm not doing radio for a living, I've usually got something creative in my hand.  Sometimes it's a trumpet or guitar, but most often, it's a paintbrush.

I hope Preston gets approval for his wall and the money he needs to build it!  We'll keep you updated!


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