Sarah is a Yanni, while I am a Laurel. Listen here (hear?) to determine what you are AND what you missed on today's Shark Morning Show!


This early theory we had that women were more likely to hear 'Yanni' due to the higher pitch was proven wrong.

Sorry Sheldon!

We received two calls from men who clearly heard 'Yanni' and a caller named 'Vickie' also chimed in that she heard 'Laurel'.

We have also recently discovered that The Shark's own midday host Nikki Cruz is a proud member of #TeamLaurel. Yeah Nikki! Go TEAM!

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Two
Getty Images

I don't throw around terms like 'meanie', 'jerk' or 'loser' lightly. So when you listen to my above rant about Cavaliers player J R Smith, you'll realize that I'm truly enraged.

How he was only assessed a 'Flagrant One' foul after viciously pushing my favorite Celts player Al Horford, while in midair, is beyond me. Luckily, Al landed safely as The Celtics went on to defeat The Cavs in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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