Lindsey Buckingham will have TWO local dates on his upcoming 2018 North American tour and (from a geographic standpoint) never before can I remember BOTH the 102-1 AND 105-3 regions being treated so well!

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Just check out the Google Map distance from each venue to our broadcast tower, it's downright identical!

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Wilbur Theater -  Boston,  MA - Tuesday December 5th

The first show is just a one hour trek down 95/Rte 1/93 for those of you living in the magical land of 102-1. Many Massachusetts Shark listeners along Route One will notice that their commute will be much quicker (pending traffic).

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Capitol Center For The Arts - Concord, NH - Saturday, December 8th

Now for the 105-3 people, cruise on 95/101/93 to Concord in the same amount of time! (Give or take 2 minutes)

It was 'Rumoured' that Lindsey was fired from Fleetwood Mac because of a supposed lack of commitment to touring.

We here in Shark Nation would like to thank him for his taste in choosing the right venues as he certainly values quality over quantity!