Sarah's Jim Rice story had Tom Caron roaring this morning as she regaled us with a "Hall Of Fame" caliber quip from 'Jim Ed'.

I also thought it was funny when Tom mentioned that between both Jim and himself, they have a combined 382 home runs. It goes to show how impressive a career power stat that is, because it STILL sounds cool when shared.

This audio serves as a good teaching moment for yours truly, as I really must learn how to contain my 'expertise' when we three are discussing the Sox.

I pounced on Sarah's inquiry about the current number of victories for 'Boston's Favorite Baseball Team' like I was an over-caffeinated Ken Jennings. Mr. Caron is a professional baseball analyst, in fact, a professional Major League baseball analyst and I should have let him 'field' that question.

It's just that I'm a bit obsessed with the prospect of the Sox winning 105 games. It would beat the 1946 Red Sox record AND match our FM frequency of 105! (I guess 102 would be acceptable, but not better than the '46 team's 104 win season).

Thanks again to Tom Caron and to Service Credit Union for making this cool weekly feature happen every Friday Morning at 7:40AM only on The New Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train.

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