Maine Governor Janet Mills rolled out "Stage 3" for Maine's re-opening plan, according to a report from WMTW.  

If you are planning on visiting Maine, the report says, you'll have to prove that you tested negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arrival in the state.  So you could arrive in the 207 on a Friday at 5pm and leave on Monday at 4 and hit the road.  (except if you're somewhere other than Kittery, you'll need to give yourself more time to get outta the state.  It's all part of Governor Mills, "Keep Maine Healthy" initiative.

If you are from NH or Vermont, you are exempt from showing proof.  You can just come in to the state like you used to.  Thank goodness for that!

I'm pretty sure the people in Maine who are not fans of tourists would prefer everyone stay out and honestly, I don't blame them.  The State is just gorgeous and who wouldn't want to keep it all to themselves?  I lived in Cape Elizabeth for about 3 years and I was walking distance from a couple of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.  I remember feeling such pride telling people, "We live here" when they asked where we were from.  Everyone at the lighthouse, especially, was "from away."  I have a million pictures of Portland Head Light, which by the way, is the most photographed lighthouse in the entire world!

If you are from Massachusetts and New York, there should be testing sites for you to visit before you head to Maine.  For New York, click here and for Massachusetts, click here.  

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