The Kardashians became famous because we live in a world with BAD PEOPLE WHO STAB PUPPIES!!!

Oh my word, hold me down.

This morning, I went in my office, got my day together, wrote down some stuff to do before the weekend and then happily bounced in to the kitchen for my second cup of coffee.  One of the top stories on WMUR, Channel 9, was about a burglary in Middleton yesterday, during the day.  Some #$#^^&% went into a home in Middleton and no one was home except for a 3 month black lab puppy.  So, what did the burglar do?  HE/SHE/IT STABBED THE PUPPY TWICE!

The dog isn't dead, it's in emergency surgery, according to the story from WMUR.

Now, do you understand now why the Kardashians became famous?  We have people in the world who go in to homes to steal stuff and THEN, because I'm sure they felt threatened, (sarcasm here) decided to STAB A PUPPY!  That's why the Kardashians are famous.  We just want to see who broke up with who, what did they buy, where do they live, etc., etc.  Anything to escape the thought that we live in a world with someone who decided to stab a puppy.  For the love of GOD.

Middleton Police are asking for your help if you know anything about this dirt bag who made these life decisions yesterday.  Their number is 603-473-5202


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