There are traditions throughout New England that have become so commonplace, we can't imagine life without them. Some of those traditions can be a little odd and that certainly includes the long standing tradition of having a cat live at the Mount Washington Observatory. That tradition has been going on since 1932 and generations of families have been enamored by the different felines that have called the observatory home. So people were surprised and saddened when the Mount Washington Observatory announced that their latest 'house' cat, Marty, had died.

Marty was a Maine coon cat with fluffy-tail and an adventurous soul who kept the observatory staff happy with a little companionship and some silliness mixed in for the last 12 years. Marty had become a fan favorite over time by being so welcoming to visitors who trekked up to the observatory. Marty became so popular that the observatory began selling stuffed animals in Marty's likeness.

Sadly, an unforeseen illness took Marty from the staff and all the visitors who hadn't gotten a chance to spend a little time with the very friendly feline. Marty was already scheduled to "retire" as the observatory cat in 2021, so plans had been in place for a new Mount Washington Observatory cat to be announced soon. For now, the staff will spent a little time in the observatory remembering the good times with Marty.

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