Even TC has admitted that this struggle is real, but I gave him the opportunity to enlighten us with reasons we still need to watch and we we're pleasantly surprised!

Above all else, listening to OB, Jerry Remy and Dennis Eckersley throughout this year has been fantastic. They have always been one of the premiere 'three man booths' in all of sports and to have them announce nearly ALL the games? OUTSTANDING.

I'm so excited to hear TC next Thursday September 10th as the Sox take on The Rays down in Tampa Bay. The fact that the broadcasts all take place at The NESN studios in Watertown, MA, gives the broadcasts such a relaxed feel.

The crew doesn't seem the least bit tired since they show up a couple hours before game time and return to their own beds every night. I was afraid that the accuracy of the telecast would suffer because they were working directly off a monitor without the real world as a reference but it has been terrific.

It's too bad the team is statistically THE WORST IN BOSTON HISTORY.

But, as TC says, they're building for the future and the future looks good. Being a 'typical' Red Sox fan, I want more power in the lineup at all times. And Bobby Dalbec appears to have the kind of power you want from a first basemen. His first major league hit wasn't even hit that squarely yet still rocketed into the right field bleachers for a 2 run homer.

And Nick Pivetta should give the pitching staff a very much needed boost too.\

We just need to watch it happen! (Easier said than done I know)

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