Sarah and I were so happy that TC could join us for our Holiday Special Extravaganza today. Unfortunately, his take on The Pats facing Buffalo is quite Grinch-like.

New England Patriots v New York Jets
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I'm worried about this game.


Every time I'm not worried about it, they bite me in the behind. I thought they'd come home and beat Kansas City no problem and obviously that didn't happen.


Last week, hey they came together and got it done but that's a HORRIBLE Cincinnati team and that was a heck of a lot harder than it should have been.


This is such a big statement game for The Buffalo Bills, they haven't had a game like this in a long, long time and this is like their Super Bowl. I'm worried about it.  - Tom Caron

I hate to agree with such a foreboding statement, but I'm right there with our Sports Insider. It's been months since The Pats' offense has even had a decent game.

Hopefully the home cooking will help because they NEED to win and rest up with that first round bye.*

*Yes, I'm completely looking past Miami in the season finale.

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