Today was our most violent Sports Insider ever. Tom Caron talks about the foolishness of baseball brawls and a very funny Red Sox brawl story involving a bathroom break.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
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Remember the Coco Crisp fight from 2007?


One of the Red Sox players and I won't say his name, yes I will, it was Javy Lopez, and he like 30 feet behind everybody else because he was in the bathroom in the bullpen.


Can you imagine that? You come out of the bullpen and EVERYBODY is gone? There's a fight going on and now you have to run in all alone as everyone is watching you.

- Tom Caron on All-Time Basebrawl Fail

I must confess I do not recall that epic jog of shame.

I remember that brawl very clearly though because the future Red Sox World Series Champ Jonny Gomes (2013) was easily the most violent TB Ray as he threw haymakers in the direction of Red Sox World Series Champ Coco Crisp (2007).

I held a grudge against him until the last out of the 2013 Series.


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