Our Boston Sports Insider was on the outside looking in today as he formulated a theory that a well known Boston musician is trying to 'steal his gig'.

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Kevin Winter

Ken Casey

We can't go. (to Dropkick Murphys Fenway Park show May 29th)


I was getting kind of mad because Ken Casey also voiced The NHL documentary for the 50th Anniversary of Bobby Orr's goal too.


'Dude, you're at Fenway. I'm not. You're voicing Bobby Orr specials, I'M NOT. You are taking my job here. I'm getting annoyed.'


- Tom Caron on Dropkick Murphy's Ken Casey's Broadcasting Career

Of course, this was said all in jest, but it was cool to get TC's inside view of what the upcoming show will look like next Friday.

The national media has reported that Bruce Springsteen will be joining them from Jersey on the Jumbotron. But what we hadn't heard was how each instrument will be stationed around the infield.

They'll be a full drum kit at 3rd base and a guitarist at 2nd base etc. It'll be rather ironic if Ken Casey is on the pitchers mound, since he plays bass and wouldn't be 'on base' at the same time.

If he was on base and missed a note, would that be a 'two bass error'? I got a million of them folks!

Check out TC at Home tonight on NESN at 8pm as he will be talking to Manny Delcarmen, the Hyde Park, MA native, about The Red Sox 2007 World Series Championship.

And tune in to the Shark Morning Show next Friday to see if Mr. Caron has rescued his golf clubs from cold storage!

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