Apparently our Boston Sports Insider has been hearing it from quite a few angry female Red Sox fans, to which I was confused about, but Sarah knew exactly what he meant!

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I've heard from a LOT of female Red Sox fans who were NOT happy that Andrew Benintendi is gone.

He was a really popular guy.


Jim Rice and I will still be there for pregame, just so you know.


- Tom Caron on a certain demographic of Andrew Benintendi's fans  that aren't happy with his departure

I had no idea what TC was talking about but then Sarah was very direct in her expression "Eye Candy" and that cleared up my confusion.

I remember seeing a great deal of 'Marry Me Jacoby' posters in the bleachers of Fenway about a dozen years ago, but I don't recall nearly the same amount of 'Benny-Mania' in my recent visits.

He surely will be missed by all Red Sox fans and not just for his flowing locks and congruent features.

It is mind blowing to think about today's fact from TC that one year ago, The Red Sox had Benintendi in left, Bradley Jr. in center and Mookie in right and now there all gone.

Once argued as perhaps the best outfield in all of baseball.

I'd much rather look at the 'Glass Half Full' side of TC's commentary today. I'm happy that he thinks that with the latest acquisitions, the Sox will be in a much better position to contend for postseason play.

Spring Training Baseball begins again in just 2 weeks!

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