WalletHub released a new report on the “most fun” states ranked from 50-1 based on stats like number of beaches, entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, major tourist attractions, traffic data and a few other factors.

The list? California, Florida, New York, Colorado and Washington state are in the top 5, but can you guess which New England states were in the bottom?

Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire!

Rubbish, hogwash, gibberish I say as a Rhode Islander now working in New Hampshire (also Vermont is super cool!)

Beaches: Have you seen a show at Hampton Beach? Checked out the mansions on Rye Beach or down in my home state at Newport, Rhode Island?

Entertainment: from Bank of NH Pavilion to Tupelo Music Hall to the Dunkin Donuts Center (I mean ONLY in New England) and how bout the many community theater houses?

Bars and Restaurants: Spend 5 minutes in Portsmouth alone and you’ll be sold.

Tourist Attractions: Vermont has the train station at White River Junction, Ben + Jerry’s; NH has amusement parks to boardwalks; Rhode Island  has historic mills to Taylor Swift’s summer house

Traffic: Last I checked it’s the Mass-holes to the south with major traffic issues not NH/VT... and Rhode Island is pretty easy too except when said Mass-holes drive to the beaches.

What’s YOUR favorite reason NH (or VT/RI) ought to be higher on the list of most FUN states?!?

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