You may recall, last year, the Seacoast Roller Derby dissolved, according to a story from Seacoast online.  Some of the skaters who missed it, formed a new club called the Cocheco Valley Rollers that practices at the Dover Ice Arena twice a week, according to the report.

If you remember the roller derby of the 70's, or if you've ever watched a game in person, you know that this is rough competition with women who will run you over if you don't know what you're doing.  Their names are hilarious, well thought out and meant to intimidate the opposing team.

If you're considering joining the team, you should contact the Cocheco Valley Rollers on their website and come up with a clever, catchy name.  That would be the hard part for me.  I came up with Swiss Roll Sully, but that doesn't sound too tough.  It sounds delicious.

Anyway, here's a list of name ideas from Roller Derby Roster:

  1. Crush Limbaugh
  2. Smack Galifianakis
  3. Nuke Skywalker
  4. Princess Leah-pocalypse
  5. Eleanor Hoesevelt
  6. Lady MacDeath
  7. Skate Winslet
  8. The Lady and The Tramp Stamp
  9. Maul McCartney
  10. Hurt Vonneguts
  11. Moanin’ O’Brien
  12. Victoria VonDoom

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