When the vaccination dates were first set for NH earlier this month, I was worried that people might have to wait for hours in long lines. That was NOT the case until recently.

This WMUR-TV report above has a pretty thorough expose as to who is to blame for this recent phenomenon.

They say it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature, but I wish she would return the favor and stop fooling around with the vaccination efforts.

The multiple storms that have besieged NH, seemingly every other day, since last Tuesday has caused a bit of back up for NH's Phase 1B Vaccine roll out.

The towns affected, according to this report, were Hooksett, Londonderry and Nashua.

When bad weather hits, the State has tried it's best to accommodate people by moving their appointments about 24 hours later, and in some cases, moving their appointments 24 hours earlier.

As we all know, 'No good deed goes unpunished' and the doubling up of appointments is what caused this delay.

I have to think this is just a population issue, as I haven't heard or read one complaint from either the Dover or Exeter locations.

To put this in perspective, the longest wait time that I've heard about thus far has been about three hours. And honestly, that's the about the same amount of time you'd stay in your car if you were to watch a drive in movie.

I can imagine, staring at the car in front of you for 180 minutes is tiresome and frustrating, but when you think about it, receiving a life saving vaccine for free is a way better deal than watching 'Grease' for the hundredth time.

I'm glad that the weather appears to be cooperating for the next few days and hopefully everything will go back to the ten minute wait times as per usual.

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