The best way to eliminate these pesky weeds? Eat them! I'll show you how.

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Pick 'Em!

There's no 'right way' to pick dandelions, you can pull 'em up with your hands or clip 'em with scissors. I dug mine yesterday with a small paring knife.

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Clean 'Em!

I like to use scissors when clipping off the roots. Also, remove the blossoms, loose dirt, dead leaves and most importantly grass. (Grass hides everywhere).

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Soak 'Em!

As you clean them, throw them in a bowl of luke warm tap water with a couple teaspoons of salt. They hang out in there while I'm waiting for the pot of water to boil on the stove. This is great for removing any excess dirt or grass you may have missed.

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Boil 'Em!

The pot of water is also seasoned with a couple tablespoons of salt. The leaves will get darker and smaller as they cook. Ten minutes of a rolling boil is a sufficient amount of time to cook them.

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Drain 'Em!

Dump them in a colander and you're done.

DON'T rinse them!

Dandelion greens are believed to be very nutrient rich, why rinse away the goodness?

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Eat 'Em!

I throw on a splash of vinegar and that's it! It's as good as baby spinach and I promise you'd never guess that you just dug it up from the backyard.

Once the summertime hits, these start to get bitter. Some people say the bitterness is in the stems but, for me, the extra step of cutting the leaves from the stem just seems too high maintenance for my particular style lazy food prep.