Another week's worth of seemingly unending dry conditions has turned Strafford County bright red on the NH Drought Monitor Map. I have added some artwork to illustrate the danger. - Train Studos - Train Studios

Except for a tiny bit of red digital ink extending into The Berwicks, Lebanon and perhaps Miller Corner, the circular section of EXTREME DROUGHT has remained untouched by my cursed cursor.

It resembles the head of a match almost exactly.

The metaphor of the dangerous flashpoint that could possibly ignite The Granite State into a 2018-esque 'EXCEPTIONAL DROUGHT' was too powerful to leave alone.

This was my first time working with '3D' Microsoft Paint and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of which I could change colors and the width of the brushstrokes.

With the previous software, there was no way I could ever hope to print out the word 'Matches' with such precision. (I must admit that my handwriting is the problem and not the new program)

But as the late Bob Ross said, 'There are no mistakes, just happy accidents' and I figure if people are amused by my squiggled letters, so be it.

In all seriousness, PLEASE be careful with any real matches as any potential fire in these conditions would present a two fold problem. Not only is NH's environment drier than dehydrated popcorn right now, but many NH fire departments utilize river water as a source for extinguishing blazes.

This is a supply and demand problem that I don't even want to think about.

Thankfully, relief is headed our way after this weekend as some forecasts predict rain on both Monday and Tuesday.

At this point ANYTHING will be greatly appreciated.

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