I have shirked my responsibility as 'The Shark's Chief Drought Correspondent' as The Granite State has continued to dry out without so much as a quick shower for the past 3 weeks. Will that change this weekend?

nhdroughtmonitor.unl.edu and Train Studios
nhdroughtmonitor.unl.edu and Train Studios

According to several meteorologists, we are in for some heavy tropical rain tomorrow.

It may not be that obvious by my crude drawings, but I have tried to transform NH into a tropical island so these rains will feel more at home and therefore, more likely to deliver us from what is now a SEVERE drought.

The other two squares on this illustration need some explaining.

Since I have altered the appearance of The Granite State into a desert island (I'm rather proud of that coconut tree), I have equipped it with two 'Desert Island' amenities.

If I was ever stranded on a desert island, I'd want CCR's 'Cosmos Factory' as an audio security blanket. Watching the waves roll in to the hypnotic sound of 'Ramble Tamble'? Bring it!

Unfortunately I have been fighting a bit with the new digital ink as apparently it changes color and blends with the color that you're trying to paint upon. Thus, the cobalt blue of the Cosmo's album cover has turned to a weird shade of green.

In the center of Grafton County, my 'Desert Island' book is Stephen King's 1979 thriller novel 'The Dead Zone'.

I could read that thing until coconut trees really do start to sprout and grow on the Vermont border.

We need rain!

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