What's a bippy?  Anyway....

If you are longing for the warmth of the sunshine like me, you can at least start to think about warmer days with these gardening tips.

Not long ago, I wrote an article about what to do with your dead Christmas tree.  There are recycling places that you can take it to or you can leave it out to be collected along with your other recyclables.  Read that article here.

Now, there is another great idea of what to do with your tree, you can burn it (safely, of course) and scatter the ashes on your garden for the Winter.  According to extension.unh.edu, pine, fir and spruce chips are great for the garden, shrubs and trees!

UNH gave us a few more tips like, don't use salt for your slippery spots near the garden because it will seep into the ground and it's not good for your garden at all.  An alternative is sand!  Or the ashes from the wood pile.

January is a great time to order your seeds to be sure that you get the ones that you want.  The article from UNH cited here says you should purchase from a company in the Northeast in order to insure they will grow in our environment.  Maybe that's what went wrong with my sunflowers that I tried to plant last year.  I was so hopeful for them to bloom big and beautiful, but no such luck.  They kinda just withered away and died.  Sad story.

A-Train says that you can take the ashes from the fireplace and dump it out in the garden.  It looks like hell, but, it's SO good for it.  That's the only tip he had for me.  Disappointing Farmer Train.

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