NH is at the very top of the list on this brand new study released by WalletHub entitled 'States with the Biggest Drug Problems in 2018'. One stat stands out more than any other.

Source: WalletHub


#3 - Overdose Deaths Per Capita

It still seems hard to believe that The Granite State has been hit this hard by the opioid epidemic. We are only surpassed by West Virginia and Ohio for mortality rate and have more fatalities per capita than The District of Columbia. It doesn't seem possible.

This statistic was assigned a Quadruple weight when tabulating the methodology and therefore distorts the overall scale.

No less than three New England States are in the Top 5 in the category of 'Highest % of Adults with Unmet Drug-Treatment Needs'

Rhode Island has taken the top spot for this with Vermont and Connecticut rounding out the top five.

Day after day and report after report of rampant illegal drug usage in New Hampshire for years and years and it just doesn't appear to be getting any better.

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