Chances are, your bracket is destroyed already. If you want to look on the bright side of things, The NH Lottery will bring in even more of a jackpot than ever according to this WMUR-TV report.


It seems like the ability to bet on sports here in New Hampshire has been around for years but, and this is hard to believe, we've never been able to wager on the NCAA basketball tourney yet.

In July of 2019, Governor Sununu signed that historic bill into law and the official launching of the DraftKings app didn't take place until late January of 2020.

Thankfully for The NH Lottery, Super Bowl 54 still happened and 17 million dollars were wagered in the days leading up to that event, (the school systems saw over one million dollars of that action).

Unfortunately shortly after that, the world and our corner of it, became mired in the worst pandemic in 100 years and the NCAA Tournament was canceled.

I hadn't thought of the financial ramifications of this cancelation until right now, but it makes perfect sense.

Estimates for the total amount of wagers this year should reach 21 MILLION!

If The Super Bowl in 2020 with all the festivities, pools, squares and prop bets pulled in 7 million dollars considering the relative infancy of the NH DraftKings app at the time.

The haul from this year's tourney should EASILY triple that.

There are three huge weekends of action to bet on even BEFORE the championship game is played?

Plus when you figure that college basketball fans haven't had the ability to enjoy this 'Grand Celebration' of their sport for 24 months?

I think they'll wager more for all the time that was lost. As an enthusiastic gambler myself, I can attest that I have done just that!

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