The food service company who fired a Canaan lunch lady has offered to give her her job back.

Bonnie Kimball, according to a story from CNN, let a student have the lunch items he chose even though he didn't have the money to pay.  He told Bonnie that he would pay her the next day and he, in fact, did pay the following day.

The food service that fired her, Manchester based Cafe Services, has offered Bonnie's job back, but Kimball says she will not take her job back, according to WMUR.  Bonnie says that they just want to get the press off her back and she's not helping them to do that.

It seems that Bonnie might not need this offer of her job back anyway.  Celebrity Chef, Jose Andres has offered her a job!  He also called her a "hero."

I am just speculating, however, I think that Bonnie may have been contacted by an attorney at this point.  There are bigger things brewing in this here kitchen.

Bonnie absolutely, without a doubt, did the RIGHT thing.  There is NO WAY I would EVER say, "Sorry Kid.  Can't have lunch."  There's more to this story to come.  I can feel it in my chicken bones.

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