In less than a year over 50,000 Granite State gamblers have wagered some serious coin on sports through Draft Kings and The NH Lottery. SERIOUS COIN.

Ethan Miller Getty Images
Ethan Miller Getty Images


I know what you're thinking.

After you watched this WMUR-TV report, and being that I am the resident gambling enthusiast here at The Shark you have to be wondering just how much of that cash pile am I directly responsible for?

I will give you an estimate based only upon the truth.

Believe it or not, I didn't join DraftKings and their sportsbook app until the Pro Football season began this year! Miraculous isn't it?

But I have been kicking myself since then and it's not just because it's so easy, it's because it's so cost effective.

I began with an initial $25 deposit and shortly thereafter, Draft Kings GIFTED me an additional $20 ! Usually when any gambling promotion gives away money you always get either 3 or 5 dollars, I received $20!

Since then, I have bet on playoff baseball and both college and pro football.

Here's the cool part, I bet one dollar per bet!

I just put in a couple extra bets on The Masters which starts tomorrow and right now I'm only down about $6 from my original investment!

They have a bunch of 'Free Pools' too that give you real cash prizes if you get the highest score on a bunch of upcoming propositional bets.

So, in conclusion, I'd say that about $100 of that $200 Million is mine.

THE most fun donation I've ever made to NH education!

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