RIP to the man who embodied The Boston Celtics more than any human possibly could. I never met him but I will miss him like a family member and here's why.

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The reason it seems like he's always been there is, he has!

The first Boston Championship of my life? I was born 9/30/73 and wouldn't you know it?

On Sunday May 12th, 1974 the Celtics hoisted banner Number 12 with Tommy Heinsohn coaching the C's to an exciting Game 7 NBA Finals victory over The Milwaukee Bucks.

Aside from the 8 Championships he won with Boston as a player and 2 Championships as a head coach, his work as a broadcaster is unparalleled.

He began a THIRTY NINE year broadcasting career with Mike Gorman on 'Prism' in 1981 which quickly changed to 'Sportschannel Boston' and is now known as NBC Sports Boston providing extremely colorful color analysis during Celtics home games.

There was nothing more wonderful than Tommy ripping on referees!

Mr. Heinsohn dominates this full three minute ESPN recap of the game and had both Sportscenter employees almost in tears from the hilarity.

What I loved about these rants were that you could tell they were specifically timed and the volume would increase exponentially whenever the refs would report the fouls to the scorers table.

I can recall a couple of occasions when an official threatened to kick him out of the building AS A BROADCASTER.

Thankfully, he never did get kicked out.

I just can't imagine watching Boston Celtics basketball without him. Being a fan of The Green Team will never be the same.

RIP Tommy Heinsohn - 15

(1934 - 2020)


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