One of biggest reasons I love NH is for the State Fairs and we are fast approaching Fair Season!  According to WMUR, It goes from July to October and here are some favorites.

It runs July 19 -23, 2018 at the Stratham Hill Park, Route 33 in Stratham.  I remember years and years ago, I saw an advertisement for this band that I had never heard of playing at the Fair.  "The Dixie Chicks" went on to super-stardom!!  Since then, I've not missed the Fair!  You never know who you'll see!

The Cheshire fair has a rodeo!!  Just because we live in NH doesn't mean that we are all farmers as some people in other parts of the country would have us believe.  It's a big deal to see a rodeo, complete with bucking broncos!

Coming up at the end of August, in to September, the apple crisp at the Hopkinton State Fair is A-mazing.  It's what I go for every year!

Awwww, the Rochester Fair.  Always hold a special place in my heart.  I was part of a demolition derby once at the Rochester Fair and won.  I got a trophy that I have to this day!  This is a fair not to miss!

Not far from where I live, this fair attracts people from ALL OVER and the traffic can get a little challenging, but it's worth it.  The food, the animals and the RIDES are so much fun!  Don't miss it!

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