While rather tame by today's standards, our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron delicately explains the spicy late movies that were shown on 'The French Channel'. A hilarious and nostalgic discussion, and I haven't stopped blushing yet.

An old TV with a monochrome


Yeah, after your parents went to bed you may have left that channel on from time to time.


Let's just say the FCC didn't exist in Canada and you may have seen some things on a Saturday night that you wouldn't in this country as a young man.


Back then, when we were young, I believe it was called 'Cine Soiree'. You are bringing back some memories I haven't had in a long time that's for sure.

- Tom Caron On The 'Educational' Movies of Channel 10

We never had remote control for the longest time, so, a few times I can recall running 50 miles an hour to the cable switcher on top of the TV if I thought I heard footsteps in the kitchen.

I think 'Cine Soiree' inspired me to take French in high school and at UNH but I could never understand the language. I think my mind was scrambled by that channel that sometimes should have been.

Zut Alors!

For those of you that appreciate the sports content that this article normally provides, you'll be happy to know that Tom Caron predicts we could see Chris Sale pitch for the Sox again by July 25th.

He goes into the logical progression of Sale's remaining rehabilitation in the audio I've provided.

To be honest though, while he was talking about it, I was still giggling about Channel 10.

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