This is a great cause that goes hand in hand with one of the true passions in Julian Edelman's life, the love of sports. 'The Squirrel' just announced that he is an 'Athlete Ambassador' for this non-profit with a very specific financial mission.

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Put Me In provides $1000 per child to help with the costs of participating in sports. The children who receive these funds are all kids who have parents that are incarcerated. Julian grew up in the San Francisco area and played alongside many kids who could have benefitted greatly from this program.


I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact that having a team around you, and a coach to rely on, had on their lives, on and off the field.


That’s why I’m so excited to help Put Me In! increase access to sports for kids who are facing those same challenges today,”


- Julian Edelman on being an ambassador for 'Put Me In'

During a special announcement on Facebook today, Number 11 said that this will start in San Francisco and make it's way across the country to Boston.

This hasn't been the best of years (yet) for Jules. The Patriots are sputtering along with a 2-4 record and his involvement in the Pats offense has been far less effective than ever. His frustration with the dysfunction that has plagued the Pats on both sides of the ball is quite evident both on the field and along the sidelines.

It's nice to see him passionate about this new endeavor and I look forward to upcoming days when he'll promote 'Put Me In' here in New England.

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