The odor of pot is coming into the City Hall from the Portsmouth Police station.


A few weeks back, Portsmouth police seized 51 pot plants from a home on Woodbury Avenue. The value of the marijuana is close to $100,000.

Christain Lydon has been charged with unlawful manufacture of a controlled drug and possession of a controlled drug.

The contraband is currently stored in the evidence room at the police station, and that fact had disclosed another fact. There is a ventilation problem in the evidence room.

Some of the staff at City Hall, located in the same building, started to complain that the smell was making them feel sick.

According to a seacoastonline:

Police Lt. Mark Newport said the plants were so pungent, their skunky aroma wafted down the hall from the locked makeshift evidence room, up an elevator shaft and into the City Hall building. Some people complained the aroma made them feel ill, he said.

Efforts have been made to contain the pot smell, including using plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal the door, and an air purifier is now in the evidence room.

Since word has gotten out about this predicament, I wonder if Portsmouth City Hall has seen an uptick in people stopping by to do business. Or perhaps an increase in sales from snacks in the vending machines.

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