It's no joke and more and more cases of pets getting stoned are being reported across the Bay State as well as other parts of the country.

According to an article from the Milford Daily News, veterinarians across Massachusetts are seeing an increase in cases of family pets being poisoned by marijuana.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in the Bay State in 2016. That's when veterinarians started seeing an uptick in cases. But now, since pot shops have opened across the Massachusetts, there are even more cases being reported.

Along with the legalization of marijuana and pot shops comes an increase in edible marijuana products, leading to, according to some experts, a spike in veterinarian visits by pet owners who say their animal consumed marijuana.

According to the article, Dr. Kiko Brakcer from the MSPCA-Angell says: 'We started seeing it a lot when it was first legalized and even more now, several cases a week will come in.'

The rise in cases isn't just in Massachusetts, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, reported marijuana-related emergency calls in 2018 grew to 1,800 compared to 208 a decade earlier.

“With its legalization in various states across the United States, marijuana is becoming very common in households,” according to the group.

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