Thanks so much to Jerry Gulley for welcoming us into Portsmouth Yacht Club this morning.  A magical maritime wonderland if there ever was one, yet, I couldn't stop staring at all their flags!

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As an amateur Vexilloligist, if I see a beautiful display of many Nations colors, I am hypnotized until I identify each Country. Luckily, each flag was properly labeled and I was able to function again almost instantly.

Are you ready to see one of my absolute favorites?

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Behold! Dominica!

It's impossible for me to look at the Sisserou Parrot on it's emblem and not smile.

Most people will say "Oh the Dominican Republic?"


Dominica is an island hundreds of miles East of the Dominican, in the middle of The West Indies.

The cool thing about all the Nations represented on the walls at Portsmouth Yacht Club is that they are given as gifts FROM that Nation. Boats that sail there from these far off lands trade their 'colors' in exchange for our 'Old Glory'.

The Tall Ships of Portsmouth are here! And will be here throughout the weekend! Please visit these glorious ships!