Here's a fun fact: 2019 marks the 100th birthday of the first famous roaring MGM lion "Leo" who has in fact been portrayed by many lions thru the decades but first appeared on screen in 1924 and "roared" before his first talkie picture on this date July 31st 1928 at the premier of "White Shadows on the South Seas," according to

Interesting, there is a, albeit sideways, connection to the great Granite State and the famous film Lion.

UPI reported that in 1995 a Manchester judge heard a case from Bedford, New Hampshire, glamour model Shannon Audley, who sought damages after Arthur, then the current MGM roaring lion, attacked her when his face was touched.

She claimed that the photographer for the 1991 photo shoot was negligent in providing for her safety at the shoot in NH, the news article stated, and Arthur lived in Tennessee.

For more details on the case click here.

Ultimately the case made its way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court where the Justices upheld a lower court decision that the photog was not at fault, according to

You can read the full decision here.

What a fascinating coalition of events to connect the grand old MGM studios to our little state!

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