I can't believe this hilarious blooper reel of 'Jolly John' commercial outtakes even exists but 'I'm happy' that it does.

When you think of effective local advertising in Northern New England, 'Jolly John' is always one of the first people that comes to mind.

I'll be honest, when I was a kid I'd always run into the next room or cartoonishly plug my ears when his commercials aired, but, after several years I grew to appreciate them.

After all, 'If you're not happy, I'm not Jolly' is still ringing in my memory after all this time, so there's no bigger compliment to an advertisement campaign than that.

I was initially fearful that some of these outtakes would contain footage of 'Jolly John' in a not so jolly state of mind. It's very easy to flub lines when you're in a recording session and there is nothing more frustrating.

Mr. Pulsifer, (Yes, his real first name was John) was truly jolly throughout these errors and once even suggested a mid-filming script change to make it easy for everyone involved.

How great is that?

And I love when that dude couldn't stop his scooter. That is so relatable because I do that whenever I drive anything with a clutch.

'Jolly John' Pulsifer passed away ten years ago in Scarborough and lived in Cape Elizabeth. According to this Portland Press Herald article, he was just as jolly as his on- air persona and a very generous and kind soul.

He'll be remembered 'happily' by the tens of thousands of New England TV viewers like me that watched those commercials. With 'NO MONEY DOWN!'

VIS YouTuber hihojolly
VIS YouTuber hihojolly

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