I doesn't seem possible that a quarter century has passed since Robin Williams filmed scenes for 'Jumanji' in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire. WMUR-TV was ALL OVER this story back in the day.

This graveyard scene took place in Swansee, just a little south of Keene.

It is comical to hear the emphasis on "COMPUTER ANIMATED" as back then CGI was vastly less evolved than it is today.

Of course, this story's plot revolves around Mr. Williams character, Alan Parrish, being trapped inside a supernatural board game for 26 years and it doesn't seem possible that this is almost an exact amount of time that has elapsed since these scenes were filmed.

Kudos to WMUR-TV for leaving extra footage of Robin Williams for an extended period of time. He appears to be 'in character' and the effect of his somber expression as he walks in silence serves as a poignant tribute as we watch decades later.

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