According to WMUR, snow is going to fall in New Hampshire on Saturday, but only up North, in Coos county, about 2 - 6 inches are expected.  Laconia on down, we should be in the clear for snow.

From my experience as a lifelong New Englander, snowfall can start at any point from the end of August until the end of May.  That's probably not meteorologistically  (what?!  haha!)  correct, however, that's what it feels like living here.

I remember a few years back when we got a WHOPPER of a storm on Halloween.  The kids had to go trick or treating with their huge boots on and climb all over the snow hills to get to their kit-kat bars.  It's kinda what you do here in New England.

Then, there was that other time on April 15th when my niece got married, it snowed like a son of a b.... and we all had to walk from the church to the reception in our high heels in about 10 inches of snow.

2-6 inches in Coos County?  No problem.

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