Ok, so the following stats are not official. I'm doing my best to remember what Channel 9 put on the screen a few nights ago. I believe I saw that already this month we've had 3x's the average February snowfall, and that NH has already passed the average amount of snowfall it usually sees in an entire season...and we've got a good month and a half to go, maybe more. The following stat is official. Since a week ago Thursday's storm, I have spent about 8 hours snowblowing, shoveling, roof raking, sanding and salting, just around my 1 story Ranch style house with a 25 foot long driveaway. It isn't that big of a place. In fact, some of the snow piles are now taller than the house. I've jammed my wrist, thrown out my back, slipped too many times to remember, my head is permanentley leaning to the left and I will probably walk with a slight limp for the rest of my life. Anyone else?