For my money, (note the pun), this is the weirdest one and it really cuts too close to home.

People gambling

If you have a gambling addiction, you are not allowed to sell the clothes you are currently wearing in order to pay off your addiction.

Wow, usually I read through a list of laws like this and don't feel threatened or restricted in any way. I can't find any other documentation other than this YouTube video from Skywalker Ani but man, it's illegal to LITERALLY lose your shirt when gambling?

Whatever happened to 'Live Free Or Die'?

I consider myself an expert on the category of Stupid News on The Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train and as such, I was researching stupidity and typed 'Stupid New Hampshire' into the YouTube search engine and this is what topped the list.

I'm hoping that it's fictional as I haven't been able to find this particular verbiage anywhere else.

And no, I have never practiced this behavior. However, if the odds are good enough, ya never know?!

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