I know it surprised me when all three of my nephews informed me of their 'Back To School' date this year. It's so much later than usual, they should be partying like it's 1986.

Little 7 years schoolboy going to school.

Friday, September 3rd

This is wonderful news!

For decades, Rochester NH students like myself went back to school on the Wednesday after Labor Day.

And I'm pretty sure for all 12 of my 'First Day Of School' those days were early release.

Just a quick visit to get used to the desk your sitting at, or, during the high school years, a nice run through down the path you'll be taking for the next 180 weekdays, from homeroom to the exit door.

At some point after the 1990's, something terrible happened.

Rochester schools started having the first day of school in ... AUGUST?

Just the mere mention of this curdles my blood and sends a shiver down my spine.

But not this year.

Granted, they won't have the 'TRADITIONAL' Wednesday after Labor Day, which with this year would be the second latest possible on the calendar.

However, they will get to enjoy a day back that is unlike any that I had ever had circa 1978-1991.

They're going back on Friday, BEFORE Labor Day.

One day on, then THREE days off.

I specifically used the year 1986 in the opening paragraph of this article for a reason.

When I was in seventh grade, the first day back from Christmas vacation landed on Friday January 3rd. That was the only time I ever had just one school day back after a vaca and then right into a weekend.

Attention youths of The Lilac City! Cherish these days, you'll remember them forever!

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