These are exciting new times for gamblers in the Granite State and beyond! Allow me to explain what this means and why I've been jumping up and down for the past two days.

March Madness Viewing Party At The Westgate Las Vegas
Ethan Miller

I was pleased when online sports gambling officially began early this year after the H 480 bill was initially passed last July. (Yes, I have the bill memorized).


For me, the true and most genuine excitement of sports gambling happens only when you're in a Sportsbook.

Something about walking up to a window with your cash and then walking away with the little slip of paper that you're going to stare at (along with the gigantic HDTV screen) there's just nothing like it!

In my humble opinion, there is no better value in the wagering realm than the the twists and turns you experience with a Sportsbook bet.

If you play a hand of blackjack or lay down a few chips on the roulette table, win or lose, that wager is completed in an instant.

But with a sports bet? For instance, if you put $20 on The Bruins yesterday, you would have enjoyed the action for nearly 4 hours!

Some of my fondest memories that I've acquired after 31 visits to The Mojave Desert is sitting in a Sportsbook scribbling down the dozens of 'Futures' bets that my buddies and family members sent me out to make for them.

Instead of a few hours of entertainment, these bets (Example: The Boston Celtics to Win The Eastern Conference) can last for MONTHS.

Something about having that square slip of paper in a room with giant TV screens just makes me feel at home and all is right with the world.

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