My nephew Colin is seen here celebrating the first goal of The Bruins 5-1 victory in Game 7 over Toronto. His homemade flag is as magical as it is cute.

After watching Julian Edelman perform his duty as Bruins 'Banner Captain', Colin decided to create his own Bruins flag.

It consists of four black stripes and a gold square that he drew upon a piece of yellow construction paper.

The flag stick is an unsharpened barbecue skewer.

Colin is a very mechanically inclined 6 year old (he turns 7 on May 1st, he'd want me to point that out) as he affixed the flag with tape all by himself and after FIVE goal celebrations like the one you see above, it remains functional!

He's on vacation this week so he gets to stay up again to watch the B's face off against Columbus tonight and his celebration flag is set and ready to go!


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