We have something super fun for you to do with the whole family this weekend, and it's a heck of a lot more affordable than buying last minute Taylor Swift tickets (and less traffic, too)! Flip Circus is coming to the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire.

Did you ever go to the circus as a kid? We took a family vacation to Las Vegas when I was 10 (strange, I know) but after we saw Cirque Du Soleil, I was HOOKED! From that moment on, I wanted to be a lion tamer when I grew up. That dream didn't pan out, but hey, never say never.

Whether you are still in your circus phase or have children that have yet to experience the circus and all of it's glory, now is your chance. Flip Circus is the real deal! They have the authentic big red and white striped top tent. The show features:


Trapeze Artists

Magical Acts

Clowns (not the creepy kind like Pennywise)

...and so much more! Did I mention the delicious concession stand? Who doesn't love circus food?

The performance lasts around two hours. Weekday shows are at 7:30pm, and Saturday and Sunday shows are at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm, so there are plenty of chances for you to catch one! And guess what? I’ll be in the ring with the ringmaster on Saturday, May 20. Make sure to buy tickets to that show to see me up on the trapeze. I'm kidding (hopefully)! Don't miss Flip Circus, May 19 – 29 at the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire. Visit tickets.flipcircus.com for more info!

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