If you look quickly at the latest headlines concerning the infamous 'Explosive Kingston NH Gender Reveal Party', you may come to the wrong conclusion.

Torromeo Quarry in Kingston
Torromeo Quarry in Kingston (Torromeo Industries)

Due to the fact that nobody was injured AND because, for almost three months, I was nearly obsessed with the idea of 80 POUNDS of Tannerite exploding in a gigantic plume of blue chalk, I must admit, I was rooting for the 'party planner'.

Back in May, this Seacoast Current article very clearly states the same exact fact that other news media outlets are trying to rehash and spice up today, only now, another 'reveal' has occurred.

The fact that the $500 fine for 'Disturbing The Peace' has been suspended.

The reason that I have been hoping that a judgement such as this would be made, is because of the manner in which the 'party planner' and his group of revelers, co-operated with authorities from the very beginning.

There were never any mistruths told, nor evasiveness exhibited, almost even as the echoes from the blast were still ringing throughout most of Rockingham County.

Spouting biblical quotes isn't anything I typically do, but, I've always been partial to 'The truth shall set you free', and it seems as if this is what has happened in this case.

The fact that they used the setting of a giant quarry also indicates that a level of care for the safety of others was in place.

But eighty pounds of an explosive that is suggested as a half pound maximum?


You're not going to make headlines around the world from reading the suggestions on the side of a box.

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