On May 23rd, 1939, The submarine USS Squalis sank off the coast of New Hampshire killing 29 sailors. But 33 others survived in what is often called the greatest underwater rescue of all time.

The USS Squalis was a Sargo-class submarine that was built at the Portsmouth Navy Shipyard.

While on a test dive off the New Hampshire coast, it went down. What transpired over the next 23 hours is an incredible story of heroism and survival.

It all took place 13 miles southeast of Portsmouth, near the Isles of Shoals.

Do yourself a favor and watch the video, as well as take time to read the entire story found at the link below. It's from the New England Historical Society, and well worth the read.

I guarantee you'll think of the USS Squalis and the rescue effort each time you gaze out at the Shoals from shore.

It just might be the greatest underwater rescue of all time.


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