Did you read that headline correctly?  Let me repeat it:  The outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease in Hampton may have come from the hot tubs in the hotels. 

As a precaution, officials closed the hot tub spas at the Sands Hotel and the Harris Sea Ranch Motel because hot tubs are generally known as a source for the disease. The hot tubs no longer present a potential hazard to the public, and the hotels remain open.

Don't get me wrong, I love hot tubs, but I have always had to push thoughts of disease out of my head when I dip my toes in to the water.  When you stop to think about all the things that could create bacteria, it makes you cringe, does it not?  Most of the time, I'll just pretend that the hot tub is brand new and I am the first person ever to sit my butt down on that little seat with the jet pointed directly at the small of my back.  It's a vacation, even if I'm only staying for one night.

But now, I can tell you that I will never, ever get in to a hot tub again unless it's mine and I am the first and only person to use it ever, ever, ever.  EYOOOOOO!!!!!

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