One of my favorite parts of WMUR-TV's Salute to The Class of 2020 was Tom Bergeron's segment. He was charming and funny as always and had a message that I thought resonated to anyone lucky enough to hear it.

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You have grown up in a world of technological marvels, but also, with challenges that my 18 year old self could never have imagined.


Your school years have been in the shadow of 9/11 and in 2008, the global financial meltdown devastated families and destroyed lifelong dreams.


And then along comes COVID-19.


The fact that THIS is how we're celebrating your graduation? Is from a certain perspective, another item on that list.


Life has it's challenges, you've had more than your share.


But challenges can lead to victories.


Graduating is a victory.


And a virtual graduation?

Is in some ways even MORE of a victory!


- Tom Bergeron to the NH High School Class of 2020

He also had many comical references to social distancing, blustering Boomers and his 15 year gig as host of America's Funniest Home Videos too.

But I thought his sentiments on the life that these graduates have lived were really poignant. The events they've experienced in a very short amount of time has truly been extraordinary. And I really hadn't thought about it until his brief history lesson.

By the way, if you've never had the pleasure of meeting Tom Bergeron, whether he be out grocery shopping in Lee or at a restaurant in Portsmouth, he is just as cool and friendly as you'd ever imagine.

Great speech Tom!

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