I suspected that cleaning the stretch of railroad track between Winter Street and Franklin Street in Rochester wouldn't be much fun. Day One still managed to fall short of those meager expectations.

Train Images
Train Images

My plan of attack was to use my trusty claw picker and focus only on recyclables until I filled a bag. I accomplished that mission but it was not without challenges.

Challenge number one was Hulk the Dog, who loudly barked from somewhere behind a fence that abuts Spruce Street. I know his name because his owner said it a couple times in an effort to shush him. My apologies to the neighborhood as I did not intend to upset Hulk and wake everyone at 8AM in the process.

The other problem was a half gallon of half full chocolate milk. After dumping it out on the ground I quickly realized that sour chocolate milk should be classified by the FDA as a chemical contaminant.

Any neighbor with a decent sense of smell was probably offended for miles around.

The plan for next week is to quickly and quietly walk past Hulk's territory and tackle a hideous looking pile of bottles of cans that is much closer to Axe Handle Brook.

I'll keep collecting a bag a week and see how long I can stand this new hobby.

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