Wow!  What a story this is!  It makes me want to tear up the floors in my house!

Keith Wille is a treasure hunter who has helped many people find valuable things that they have lost.  He came to see a family in Western Massachusetts that had heard a family rumor about a box of money hidden in their home.  Since Keith had such success with finding other things, they called him up.

Keith says that if there is something there, he will absolutely find it.  He took a bunch of equipment to the attic of the house and brought the family up there to see exactly what he was doing.  After noticing a few holes in the floor of the attic, he investigated the area further.  After ripping up some floor boards, he discovered a lock box, opened it and found $46,000 in SILVER CERTIFICATES, which are worth WAY more than just regular old dollar bills today.  Wow.

This story reminds me of a family story of my own.

When my Dad died, my Mother used to say that there was money buried somewhere out in our yard.  I had no idea what she was talking about, but she was convinced that I knew as I spent a lot of time with my Dad.  So, she sent me out with my older brother to find the buried money.  I wanted to make my Mother happy, so I went outside hoping to find it.  Mind you, we had acres and acres of land, but I kept pointing at place after place and my brother would dig.  Finally, after about the 5th spot that turned up nothing, he mercifully looked at me and said, "You have no idea where this supposed money is, do you?"  I shook my head no and we went back inside.  My Mother wasn't upset and never brought it up again.

I suppose that there COULD be hidden cash somewhere in that land, but if it's there, it's not meant for my family to find.  Maybe this Keith guy will dig it up someday.

If you have something that you lost, give Keith a call/text/email.  Just click here for his website.

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