As the scorching heat and lack of rain continue to officially turn The Granite State into a desert, I thought I'd ridiculously turn the latest official drought map into three famous deserts.

Since The Gobi desert has been referred to as 'The Great Cold Desert' stretching throughout Northern China and Southern Mongolia, what better home for it than 'The North Country'?

Can you see the proud Bactrian camel looking longingly at the Connecticut river? What a perfect desert animal for this 'Hump Day', am I right?

Speaking of proud, I am rather pleased with the Addax that I've centered in the midst of Merrimack County. He looks so stoic as he grazes on the shore of Lake Sunapee.

Last AND least, the desert tortoise that is smiling as it stands on the NH/Mass border, whoops, I mean the basin of the mighty Mojave.

I've been searching for one of these elusive reptiles in the ACTUAL Mojave for 20 years and since I've never seen one, it's difficult to recreate it with any degree of accuracy.

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