I must, with great humility, write this article as I do every week, to keep people updated on the U Pick 'Em Contest. For the third year in a row, Team Sarah Wins Again!

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Train Images

There is no humility without humiliation I guess, as today, Sarah called to taunt, torment and agonize my teammate and Team Captain of the last 3 years, Hugh MacDougall of Eliot Small Engine.

This season, following with the hideous 2020 theme, was easily the cruelest in the dark and sad history of Team Hugh. As we were tied just two weeks ago. Two weeks before that, we had a ONE GAME LEAD throughout the Holidays.

But The Evil Random Number Generator continued to be our nemesis, cutting into our hopes and dreams of the first elusive U Pick Em Championship victory, much like the double edged blade of a Toro Snowblower. (Get a great deal on one at Eliot Small Engine!)

Not only would it consistently give us horrible games that could go either way, it would reward Team Sarah with shoo-ins, no-brainers and just about every easy match up that Tom Brady was involved in.

We fought valiantly, but at the end of it all, were defeated once again.

To add insult to injury, due to safety concerns, Hugh's visit on Big Game Friday has also been postponed until the protocols deem that activity to be safe.

One of the utmost highlights of my year is Hugh's world famous breakfast casserole!

Much like our first U Pick Em victory, that will have to wait until next year.

The waiting will just make the victory that much sweeter.

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